Wells City Archers

WCA Associate and Non-Shooting Membership
Application Form

Wells City Archers will hold your membership data for the purposes of the business of the club.  We are required to hold the details you have provided us with for your membership for insurance purposes. If you do not consent to us holding your data, we will not be able to proceed with your application

Please complete fully and update  the club secretary (via secretary@wellscityarchers.com)  if anything changes.

I consent to receive the WCA newsletter so that I can be informed of events and activities, and for health and safety and insurance purposes
I hereby apply for membership of Wells City Archers and I have read and agree to be bound by its rules and constitution as existing and amended from time to time, and those of other bodies to which Wells City Archers is affiliated. I agree to contribute at events organised by Wells City Archers, and to the maintenance of equipment and shooting ranges. Your typed name is sufficient.
For Junior members: Parental Consent: I the undersigned hereby consent to the above named junior(s) joining Wells City Archers. I hereby confirm that I am the applicant’s Parent/Guardian and that an adult guardian will remain with the junior during club sessions and take responsibility for their actions. Your typed name is sufficient.

Payment Information   BACS Payments: a/c 40104655, sort 20-99-40 using your name  as payment reference

Wells City Archers, Rowden Road, Wells, BA5 1TU