Wells City Archers

WCA Golden Records

Wells City Archers uses an online system, “Golden Records (GR)”, to record and collate members’ scores, for the purpose of progression, competitions, awards and club records. 

It’s a great way to keep all your records in one place – and means that our Records Officer can easily work out what badges to award you!

You can also view your shooting stats, PB’s, handicap and AGB classification information. Handicaps and classification are automatically calculated for each eligible round.

To be added to this system, your email address will be provided to GR, which will then invite you to set up a profile with your own login, and data held on this system will then comprise of your name, your email address, your age category (NOT your DOB), your scores and the dates they were achieved. You can add your own scores to GR if you choose OR they can be added by the Records Officer if you fill in the paper score sheets held in the clubhouse (The Records Officer can create a profile for you without your email address in order to record your scores). The club’s high score records held on GR can be viewed by ALL GR users, and show details of the highest score achieved in all specific rounds, by bow type and age class, who shot it and when it was shot. All other personal score data is visible only to you (if you create a login), the Records Officer and the Club Secretary.

All scores from club competitions are recorded on GR.

If you do not consent to your scores being added to GR then your score data will not be included in the club records for the purposes described above.

Wells City Archers, Rowden Road, Wells, BA5 1TU